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Our core principles are all about community and the environment we are part of. We feel that we should all try to keep the planet as green and beautiful as possible. As such, we try to ensure that ecology should be at the heart of any business decision made. We currently take the following steps to ensure a low carbon footprint...

 - Our hops are predominantly British varieties - grown here in the UK.

 - The honey used in our beer is produced by the bees flying around our barn - as local as you can get!

 - Our waste water is used as a fertiliser on the farm in which our barn sits.

 - Our waste hops are used by local community ventures as excellent mulch and composting material. They help community projects and local food gardening organisations.

 - Our waste grain is used by the local farmer to feed his livestock.

 - All packaging is 100% recyclable.


These initiative combine to ensure that our waste is, by weight, 99% either reused or recycled - a statistic we are extremely proud of and one which we will always strive to improve on.





Please note that entry to the 2017 Hop Collective is now closed as the plants had to be in the ground by mid spring. We will be opening the initiative again for 2018 so please watch this space should you wish to take part or contact us on info@farrbrew.com for more details.